Psychological effects of COVID-19 pandemic on Indian population: a review

Mohsina Patwekar, Faheem Patwekar, Muzafar Riyaz, Shahana Tabassum, Shoheb Tarkash, Gulzar Ahmed Rather


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people and led to a major health crisis across the globe. According to various surveys and observations, people who were suffering from pre-existing mental issues, neurological defects, psychological disorders, were the more prone to COVID-19 infection. Based on this scenario, people from upper classes to lower classes, from infants to senior citizens, big business persons to small entrepreneurs, government agents to private-sector employees; all kinds of people faced various challenges, which weakened their strength of living. These situations snatched the power of normal living life and negativity suppressed globally. Break down of the education system, devastating socio-economic conditions, helpless healthcare system for uncertainty etc. were reasons for extreme level imbalanced psychological issues. Inside the crematorium, the fume of the burning fire of dead loved ones made people distressed in a daily manner. Some people gave up and wanted to end their lives, while most did suicidal attempts. Some people found themselves as jobless. Suddenly, People discovered themselves, fighting with hunger pain. It was the toughest war; struggling for existence, taking up arms against the unseen. The present study explored the psychological impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. The target of this study is to assess the effects of lockdown on the Indian citizen with an objective to appraise the manifestation of anxiety, mental trauma and depressive issues.


COVID-19, Pandemic, India, Education, Healthcare, Psychological impacts

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