A study on immunization practices amongst private medical practitioners of Bhopal city in central India

G. D. Mahra, Vikaas Pandey, D. M. Saxena, Rituja Kaushal


Background: WHO advocates and highly recommend that National Immunization Programmes (NIPs) should increase collaboration and communication with private providers delivering vaccination services to ameliorate the purpose immunizing beneficiaries efficiently.

Methods: It is a cross sectional observational study. It is done to assess immunization practices and other rel-evant aspects amongst private paediatrics practitioners of Bhopal city.

Results: After doing appropriate statistical analysis, results revealed that most of the cold chain practices, vaccine administration practices, record keeping and reporting mechanisms were not up to the mark (i.e. p values < 0.05 at 95% confidence interval). However, training and level of experience contributed to improve in certain practice outcomes.

Conclusions: Quality of immunization services in private sector could be enhanced by providing training and support to private immunization service providers.



Immunisation program, Private practitioners, Vaccination practices, Audit, Bhopal

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