Risk assesment and management of exposure of health care workers to COVID-19 in a tertiary care hospital of South Gujarat

Krishnakant N. Bhatt, Amit Gamit, Ashish Patel, Kalpesh Gohel, Shiv Pujari, Siddhant Agrawal, Keshvi Chauhan


Background: The COVID-19 outbreak affected 215 countries worldwide and was declared global COVID-19 pandemic on 11th March 2020 by WHO. Healthcare workers (HCWs) in India are faced with an incredibly high number of patients per worker and because of high infectivity of COVID-19, having higher chances of getting COVID-19 infection. The objective of the study was the risk categorization of HCWs and provide recommendation for HCWs exposed to COVID-19 based on risk categorization.

Methods: After obtaining informed and valid consent from HCWs based on standard WHO questionnaire HCW, who were exposed to COVID-19 were identified and categorised in to high risk and low risk health worker. Those who were at high risk of getting COVID-19 were advised quarantine for 14 days and rt pcr for Covid-19.

Results: Out of 200 participants, 51% were male and 49% were female with the majority of them being in the age group of 18-28 (40%). Out of 200, 190 (95%) were exposed to COVID-19. Majority of HCWs who were having high risk of getting COVID-19 infection were young between age group of 18-28 (66,39.7%, p :0.091), male (91,59.6%, p<0.001), doctors (119, 80.9%, p<0.001).

Conclusions: Young male doctors were more prone to get COVID-19 infection. It is important to protect HCWs from getting COVID-19 infections by taking various fundamental preventive measures like wearing proper PPE kits and adherence to strict hand hygiene.


COVID-19, Health care worker, Personal protective equipment

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