Improvement of paragraph writing skills through direct object techniques for level 1 students D3 study program nutrition science Poltekkes Kemenkes Padang

Sinta Wahyuni, Ayu Gustia Ningsih, Sufia Retti, Neneng Wahyuni


Background: Learning to write did not attract the attention of students. This is due to several factors, including: (1) the lack of variation in methods or techniques taught in learning to write, (2) the low value of writing student descriptions. Based on these facts, renewal and refresher in writing learning is needed to arouse students' enthusiasm in writing, especially in improving the ability to write descriptions. The purpose of this study was to prove whether the writing skills of the D3 Nutrition Study Program students at the Poltekkes of the Ministry of Health in Padang could be improved through direct object techniques in learning or not.

Methods: The implementation of classroom action research proposed by many experts consists of (1) planning, (2) implementation, (3) observation, and (4) reflection. Students' descriptive paragraph writing skills can be improved through direct object techniques.

Results: In the initial test, the average score of students' writing skills was 75.9. After being given action and stabilization in the learning process in two cycles, the average skill of writing descriptive paragraphs of students increased to 80.15 and continued to increase in cycle II, namely 85.83.

Conclusions: Thus, it can be concluded that the use of direct object techniques in learning to write descriptive paragraphs can improve students' writing skills, especially in describing objects being observed. The significance can be seen from the unfavorable initial test result data, after giving the action, the test results in cycle I increased and so on also increased in cycle II.


DirectObjekTechnique, Science of nutrition, Writing skills

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