Effectiveness of structured teaching programme regarding reproductive health on knowledge among adolescent girls in selected school of rural area

Sarita Singh, Rohitash Kumar, S. K. Singh


Background: Reproductive health is a crucial part of general health and central features of human development. WHO reported that nearly one-third of all healthy life lost among adolescent girls because of reproductive health problems. 250 million new cases of STD occur worldwide each year with a high rate in 16-19 years age group.

Methods: A quantitative study was carried out in 80 adolescent girls and the non-probability purposive sampling technique was used for the selection of the subjects and the school. The data was collected through of using a structured knowledge questionnaire. A structured teaching program was developed and administered to the adolescent group (13-19 years).

Results: The data were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. The result revealed that after the intervention the mean and standard deviation of the post-test knowledge was 18.41±3.40 being compared to mean and standard deviation of pre-test knowledge 14.06±2.46. The enhancement of knowledge score is the mean difference 4.35. It indicates that there was a significant improvement in the level of knowledge of participants. The calculated t-value (7.39) on analysis of the data was found to be significant at p value 0.05.

Conclusions: The study concluded that a structured teaching programme was significant effective to improving the level of knowledge of reproductive health.


Adolescent girls, Effectiveness, Reproductive health, Structured teaching programme

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