Ethical and legal perspective of surrogacy in India

Tanvi Jha, Madhusmita Deept


Surrogacy is an important alternative method of reproduction where traditional methods are not possible. However, several legal, ethical, medical and economic arguments have been made against this practice. Recent developments in the legal framework governing surrogacy aimed to answer these questions. Through the introduction of the surrogacy (regulation) bill 2019 provisions have been made to regulate centers providing surrogacy, preauthorization of surrogacy contracts and make a complete mental and physical evaluation of surrogates prior to entering the contract mandatory. However, the bill completely prohibits commercial and international surrogacy providing the vacuum for creation of other possible problems. Hence, there is still a need to find a balance between the ethical, legal, scientific and social aspects of surrogacy.


Surrogacy, Medical ethics, Medical law, Reproductive techniques

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