Published: 2022-06-28

Assess the effectiveness of autogenic training exercise on stress among cancer patients

Vir Vikram Sahdev Singh, R. Premavathy


Background: Autogenic training has shown promise in helping cancer patient to reduce stress. Autogenic training can help to bring greater attention to the present, while avoiding the stress of future and past.

Methods: A quasi-experimental study was conducted in New Heritage hospital Awagarh district Etah, Uttar Pradesh, India. Informed consent was obtained from cancer patients after brief explanation of the study and intervention. In this study one group pre-test-post-test design was adopted. Pre-test was done among 60 cancer patients by using perceived stress scale (PSS). By using convening sampling technique 60 cancer patients were selected for the study.

Results: The results shows that pre-test level of stress was that 13 (22%) stress, and post-test stress level was 26 (43%) of patients had low stress, 21 (35%) had moderate stress and 13 (22%) had high stress. The mean score of pre-test and post-test was 64.6 and 51.4 with SD of 17.56 and 15.34 with respectively.

Conclusions: The findings of study proved that autogenic training was effective in reducing stress of cancer patients.


Autogenic training, Stress, Cancer patients

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