Published: 2022-06-28

Vascular calcifications in mammogram and correlate them with coronary artery diseases: a retrospective study

Attili V. S. Suresh, Rakesh Sharma, Praveen K. Dadireddy, Rajkumar Bunga, Krishna M. Lalukota, Pradeep K. Reddy, Guru N. Reddy


Background: The aim was to evaluate the incidental findings of vascular calcifications in mammogram and correlate them with coronary artery diseases clinically and radiologically in retrospective manner from multiple institutes.

Methods: It was a retrospective analysis of all mammograms done in past one year for routine screening from three institutes during 2020-2021. Those with positive calcifications were interviewed and for the willing population we evaluated the coronary artery disease status clinically and radiologically.

Results: There were 335 subjects whose complete case records were available. Out of these patients 38 had some form of calcifications found on mammograms with varying severity. Out of the 38 subjects 31 had coronary angiogram testing (either conventional or CT). We could observe 26 of them harbouring moderate to severe atherosclerotic changes and varying degree of coronary artery stenosis.

Conclusions: Observation of calcifications on mammogram should prompt the screening physician to encourage the patients for their cardiac risk assessment.


Calcification, Cardiac risk assessment, Severe atherosclerotic, Mammograms

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