Published: 2022-03-25

Knowledge, attitude and preventive behaviours regarding COVID-19 infection among medical students of Solapur, Maharashtra

P. S. Nithes Ram, Santosh Haralkar, Abhishek Gawande, Akhil Soni


Background: It is important for medical students to know about COVID-19 in order for them to be a well-versed future health workers.  The aim of the study was to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding COVID-19 infection among medical students at government medical college in western Maharashtra. To study the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding COVID-19 infection among medical students and to find the association between KAP levels and demographic variables.

Methods: An observational descriptive study with cross sectional design was conducted during July 2021 on 400 Under Graduate medical students of a Government medical college.

Results: Out of 400 students 53%- female (212); 47%- male (188). Most of the students belong to Hindu religion 86.75% (347), rest Muslim 39 (9.75%), Christians 14 (3.5%). Overall, 92%, 81%, 90.5% of surveyed medical students had adequate knowledge, attitude and practice towards COVID 19 pandemic respectively.

Conclusions: In our study, students exhibited good knowledge, positive attitude, and sensible practices regarding COVID-19. Such KAP studies should be conducted across other medical college and we should educate our medical students so that we can use the help of medical students for management of mild covid cases if manpower crisis occurs.


COVID 19, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Medical student, Western Maharashtra

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