Published: 2022-03-25

Assessing the overall relative satisfaction index of students towards college facilities: a cross-sectional study

Sunil Kumar Doddaiah, Deepak Anil, Vadaga Rao Vijaylakshmi, Arun Gopi, Mysore Ramakarishnaiah Narayana Murthy


Background: A sound social environment is a key determinant to a students’ welfare and improved academic performance.

Methods: An online cross-sectional study was undertaken among 172 medical students residing in the hostel facility of a medical college in urban Mysuru. A pre-tested RSI questionnaire was administered to the students to assess their overall satisfaction with the hostel facilities and the campus.

Results: Out of the 172 study participants who filled the questionnaire, the majority of them were females (56.98%). 70 (40.69%) students belonged to the second year, 31 (18.04%) were from the first year while 24 (13.95%) participants were in internships.

Conclusions: The study showed that students had moderate satisfaction with the hostel facilities and the campus. However, both the boys and girls were dissatisfied with the hostel canteen’s hygiene and facility.



Satisfaction, Medical student, Academic performance, Hygiene, College

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