Published: 2022-03-25

A case of measles in a Nepalese child: where are we failing?

Nimesh Lageju, Durga Neupane, Lokesh Shekher Jaiswal, Ashish Kumar Jha, Roshan Rawat


Measles affected more than 90% of children under 15 years of age and caused 2-3 million measles-associated deaths globally each year before the introduction of vaccines against it. Today, measles vestiges a leading cause of vaccine-preventable illness worldwide, causing more than 100,000 deaths annually. Characterized by a febrile rash illness, measles is often self-resolving. However, significant complications can occur including encephalitis with permanent neurologic sequelae and death in one to three out of 1000 measles cases. Although global measles elimination is a WHO goal, current trends in the epidemiology of measles and vaccine hesitancy suggest that this goal is not yet attainable. As the most highly transmissible vaccine-preventable disease, measles is especially subtle to changes in herd immunity, the impact of vaccine refusal and globalization.


Measles, Nepal, Children

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