Published: 2021-12-27

Clinical patterns, causes, and treatment of torus palatinus

Meisan Ali Bukhari, Anfal Muteb Al Mutairi, Fatimah Ahmed Al Awani, Muhannad Mohammed Alsahli, Moayad Mansour Tashkandi, Duaa Abdulrahman Telmisani, Bushra Ahmad Al Asiri, Norah Khaled Alkathiri, Daniah Omar Babtain, Hanan Salem Alkatheeri, Fahad Abdulrahman Alghamdi


There are two types of tori, including torus palatinus and torus mandibularis. Evidence shows that these lesions usually progress slowly, and a spontaneous growth stop is usually another characteristic. Affected patients are usually asymptomatic. However, symptoms might be reported in edentulous patients and cases when the lesion is huge. In the present study, we elaborated on the causes, clinical patterns, and treatment of torus palatinus. The etiology of the condition is unclear, and different theories were reported in the literature, suggesting that the etiology of these cases is usually attributed to environmental and genetic predisposition. It has been defined as a benign tumor that presents in the maxillary bone and is usually asymptomatic. Therefore, the diagnosis of the condition is usually easy. However, it is recommended to conduct a differential diagnosis with other relevant malignant lesions in this area. Surgical interventions are not usually needed as the condition is usually discovered accidentally. However, in cases of tori-related prosthetic or functional discomfort, surgery can be conducted.


Torus palatinus, Palatal torus, Epidemiology, Etiology, Management, Clinical

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