Published: 2022-02-28

CanSupport palliative care in India: commentary article

Supriya Awasthi, Ajoke Akinola, Ahmad M. Sedeqi


India is home to one of the largest palliative care organizations in Asia. Palliative care is specialized medical care for the well-being of the patients and their families facing challenges related to serious disease and deadly sickness. The aim of this communication is to reveal patients' palliative care for cancer treatment following a comprehensive assessment approach through the patient's physical, psychosocial, and spiritual symptoms. By visits of patients, we found the response of patients that palliative care is very helpful for cancer patients to minimize and manage their symptoms and assist in relieving their pains and manage other problems. Can support organization is the largest palliative care organization in India. This organization helps cancer patients especially those living in poverty. They try to reduce the symptoms and give support mental, physical, and psychological support to the patients and their families.


Can support, Palliative care, Suffering

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