Published: 2022-03-25

Perception of people seeking dental care during COVID-19 among adults in Madurai city: a cross sectional study

Ramalakshmi G., Sangeeta Chavan, Umesh K., Palanivel Pandian R.


Background: This study aimed to assess the perception of people seeking dental care during COVID-19 pandemic, among adults in Madurai city.

Methods: It is a cross sectional questionnaire study conducted among subjects visiting outpatient department of public health dentistry, in best dental science college, Madurai city, Tamil Nadu, India. A pretested questionnaire consisting of 13 items was used to record perception of receiving dental treatment during COVID-19. 

Results: The Study results showed that 60.5% people considered dental clinic visit as a risk of COVID and 16.5% of study population considered teleconsultations were effective.60% feared of seeking dental treatment during COVID pandemic.

Conclusions: The results of the study revealed that there is an apprehension among people visiting dental clinic during pandemic, the treatments has to be made safe for dentist as well as the patients.


COVID 19, Dental Care, Perception

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