Published: 2021-11-24

Epidemiology, risk factors and monitoring of acute otitis externa

Shada O. Baoum, Ali A. Bin Mousa, Moudhi Y. Alshammari, Zahraa S. Alzaher, Hasan M. Zahrani, Ahmed H. Alhammad, Hajar M. Alsobhan, Abdullah A. Aleidan, Sarah A. Alsalhi, Khaled A. Mansouri, Hassan K. Halawani


Estimates show that otitis externa is a common presentation in different settings and can be acute, chronic, or necrotizing. Eczema of the ear canal is usually associated with the condition. It has also been demonstrated that humid environments, swimming, and mechanical trauma, using hearing aid supplements, and absence or reduce air wax are all significant risk factors that can increase the risk of having otitis externa. The pathology of otitis externa is simply an inflammation of the external auditory canal, which can either be attributed to an infection or other non-infectious etiologies. In the present literature review, we have discussed the epidemiology, risk factors, and monitoring of patients with acute otitis externa. Our findings indicate the high prevalence of the condition, especially among developing countries and areas with high temperature and humidity levels. Swimmers are more commonly affected together with adults. However, children might also be affected in some cases. Male individuals also have a higher risk. Nevertheless, data is limited and further studies are needed. The condition can be easily treated and symptoms usually resolve within 1 day from initiating the treatment. However, some cases might persist, and in these events, consultation with an otolaryngologist is required together with culture for adequate identification of the etiology and management of the case.


Otitis externa, Epidemiology, Prevalence, Swimmer’s disease, Risk factors

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