Published: 2022-01-28

Knowledge, self-care practices and adherence to medical regimen among diabetic patients

Shalini Lakra, Kamli Prakash, Priya J. P.


Background: The purpose of the study was to assess the knowledge, self-care practices and adherence to medical regimen among diabetes patients.

Methods: A descriptive study was adopted to assess the knowledge, self- care practices and adherence to medical regimen among diabetic patients. A total of 150 diabetic patients were selected on the basis of inclusion criteria by using convenient sampling technique. Data was collected using Sociodemographic proforma, knowledge questionnaire on diabetes, Self-care practice scale and adherence to medical regimen questionnaire.

Results: The findings revealed that out of total 150 participants, 8.7% had good,78.7% had moderately adequate and 12.7% of the participants had poor knowledge regarding diabetes mellitus, whereas regarding self-care practices 36.7% had good, 52.7% had moderate and10.7% of the participants had poor self-care practice for the management of diabetes mellitus. Majority (78%) participants had good adherence, 13.3 % participants had excellent adherence and only 8.6% participants had poor adherence to medical regimen.

Conclusions: The study concluded that diabetic patients were adhering to medical regimen and had moderate self-care practices and knowledge. Hence it is important to conduct the diabetic health education program campaigns for diabetic patients to improve their knowledge and self-care practices.


Knowledge, Self-care practices, Adherence to medical regimen and diabetic patients

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