Published: 2021-10-27

Impact and perception of COVID-19 among transgender

Lohit Kumbar, Baratam Hari Kiran, Mala Dharmalingam, Pramila Kalra


Background: Global pandemic of COVID-19 has affected all society sections, including transgender people who face neglect regarding medical care. Here we intended to study the awareness and perception of COVID-19 and its impact among transgender.

Methods: A questionnaire-based cross-sectional study was conducted among transgender people and compared with age-matched controls who attended our OPD or consulted telephonically.

Results: The study included 40 transgender and 40 controls. Almost half of the transgender group (52.5%) were not graduates, and about 50% worked in a private company. There was no significant difference in the knowledge in terms of information about COVID-19, source of information, awareness of online consultation, treatment of COVID-19, and safe distancing (p=NS). Personal hygiene knowledge was better in controls (p=0.002), and hand washing habit was more in transgender (p=0.014), but transgender people were at par with the control group regarding the type of soap used, protective coverings for face, and availing online consultation (p=NS). However, transgender used hand sanitizers less frequently (p=0.035) and walked barefoot more often (p=0.004). COVID-19 and lockdown had a similar impact in both the groups in terms of healthcare support, source of groceries, and getting stuck away from home (p=NS).

Conclusions: Though the education level in transgender was less, the level of awareness, knowledge, practices, and attitude about COVID-19 infections was almost similar to the control group. However, regarding the frequency of handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers, transgender people lagged, which needs to be addressed.


COVID-19, Impact, Knowledge, Practices, Transgender

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