Published: 2021-09-27

Treatment seeking patterns of the COVID-19 first wave patients: a narrative study from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nahida Sultana Kazi, Shahedul Halim Kazi


Background: The COVID-19 has already taken the lives of 4,088,281 people worldwide. To date, the deadly virus has killed 17,894 people in Bangladesh following a sharp increase in death per day. The current article focuses on the treatment-seeking patterns of COVID-19 patients during the first wave of the pandemic in the country. 

Methods: This is a qualitative study based on semi-structured interviews with 30 respondents selected purposively. The interviews were transcribed verbatim and analyzed narratively. 

Results: The study shows that 28 out of 30 participants pursued treatments from home, whilst, two individuals with comorbidity got admitted to the hospitals for weeks. This indicates that there is an association between comorbidity and hospitalization of the COVID-19 patients. The study reveals that the use of telemedicine service amidst COVID-19 has initiated a new era of health-seeking among people in Bangladesh. Similarly, media and the internet played a significant role in the quick access to information about the pandemic as well as to decide on the response and healing patterns of the participants. Besides the pharmaceutical drugs, using herbs was a common remedial process among the patients in the study. 

Conclusions: Like other countries, people in Bangladesh are also puzzled about the coronavirus and its treatment procedures. A proper response to the current situation, an effective preparedness policy, and public awareness are crucial for tackling the further destruction resulting from a highly infectious disease.



Bangladesh, Coronavirus, COVID-19, First wave, Treatment seeking patterns

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