Published: 2021-08-27

A study on lifestyle diseases and lifestyle risk factors among known cases in women, urban field practice area Mysuru, Karnataka

Mungara Suma Bhavana, Sunil Kumar Doddaiah, N. Chandan, Derangula Lokesh, M. R. Narayanmurthy


Background: Lifestyle diseases are diseases caused by one's lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate eating, alcohol, substance use disorders and tobacco use are all variables that contribute to heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes and hypertension (HT).

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among the 329 participants in the urban field practice area of the department of community medicine, JSS medical college, Mysore, with a study duration of 6 months. A house-to-house survey was performed to recruit study participants using convenient sampling. Participants were interviewed by using the pre-designed, pre-tested and structured questionnaire which included socio-demographic profile, dietary patterns, physical activity, type of personality, history of stress, history of tobacco and alcohol consumption, family history of lifestyle diseases like HT, DM.

Results: The results show that high cholesterol, moderate-intensity work of the participants was statistically significant for blood pressure with p<0.05 whereas waist hip ratio and high cholesterol of the participants was statistically significant for CVD with p value of 0.04 (<0.05).

Conclusions: Healthy practices need to be subsidized with the aid of using the dependent periodic medical exam. There needs to be an emphasis on incorporating bodily workout withinside the day by day routine, consumption of healthful diet, and decrease/cessation of alcohol and tobacco consumption.


Lifestyle diseases, Lifestyle risk factors, Hypertension, Diabetes, NCD’s, CVD

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