Published: 2021-09-27

Ogilvie’s syndrome following cesarean delivery: a case report

Maheen Zaidi, Syeda Kashaf Zaidi, Mohammad Yasir Umer, Hanaa Tariq, Syed Uzair Mahmood


Ogilvie’s syndrome (OS) or acute pseudo-obstruction of the large bowel, is a rare condition and the true incidence is unknown. We present a case of acute colonic pseudo-obstruction (OS) post cesarean section in a 35-year-old patient with fetal distress, following cesarean delivery at term under general anesthesia. On the second postoperative day, she complained of abdominal distension, pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating and no passage of stool. As the patient's condition did not improve, she continued to have persistent abdominal distention. A plain abdominal film was taken and abdominal ultrasound was done, which showed massive gaseous distention of the bowels without fluid level. At laparotomy, a huge distended gut, pussy flakes on intestine, and massive dilatation of the whole colon were found. Postoperatively, the patient was managed with fluids, antibiotics, nutritional support, etc., along with the standard guidelines for management of peritonitis. The patient recovered and was discharged after 1 day of intensive care unit management to the ward. The need for awareness about the syndrome and early diagnosis is emphasized.



OS, Cesarean section, Abdominal distention, Diagnosis

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