Published: 2021-07-27

Retrospective analysis of oral cancers in Shimla-Himachal Pradesh (2011-2018): a hospital-based study

Shailee Fotedar, Vikas Fotedar, Manish Gupta, Vinay Bhardwaj, Purnima Thakur, Shabnan Thakur


Background: Oral cancer ranks in the top three of all cancers in India, and oral cancer control is quickly becoming a global health priority. To analyse the epidemiological and clinical profile of oral cancer patients treated in Tertiary Care Center, IGMC, Shimla from 2011-2018.

Methods: A retrospective study of patients with oral cancers treated from 2011-2018 at TCC, IGMC, Shimla was conducted. Demographic characteristics, tobacco use and oral cancer characteristics related to site, histology and stage at presentation were recorded from patient file records at TCC, Shimla. Data was analysed by Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) version 16. Statistical test used was chi square test. A p value of 0.05 was considered to be statistically significant.

Results: Oral cancer represents 1.53% of overall cancers. The total number of subjects were 246 out of which 205 were men and 41 were women thus making a male female ratio of 5:1. Peak age of occurrence is the 5th and 6th decade. The most common site involved was tongue (37.5%) followed by buccal mucosa (35.5%). Buccal mucosa was significantly associated with male gender, age group of less than 40 years. Lip was significantly associated with female gender, more than 60 years and with no habits. Floor of the mouth was significantly associated with males, 40-60 year age group and tobacco smoking.

Conclusions: Strategies to overcome the present situation must be undertaken at state level by oral health programs for the early diagnosis and prevention and to support a tobacco free environment.



Oral cancer, Tobacco, Alcohol

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