Published: 2021-08-27

Evaluating the technique of use of metered dose inhaler and dry powder inhaler use technique among bronchial asthma and COPD patients attending tertiary health care centre in South India

Anaswara K. Padmini, Shabna Basheer


Background: Inhaler is a device used by patients who have chronic respiratory illness. Inhaled medication is directly deposited in the lungs, which is its site of action. Improper use of inhalers can lead to worsening of disease, over medication and side effects including oral candidiasis. This study aims to evaluate the inhaler use technique.

Methods: A hospital based cross sectional study using pretested semi-structured questionnaire was conducted among 120 participants who were using inhalers for one year or more attending respiratory medicine OPD.

Results: The majority of 81 patients were MDI users. Only 8.64% of them performed all the steps according to NIH guidelines regarding proper technique of inhaler use. Among the 39 patients who used dry powder Inhaler, 33% correctly performed all the steps according to the guidelines.

Conclusions: Only a low proportion of patients properly performed the steps in the technique of using inhalers. Improper use of inhalers leads to poor efficacy of the treatment. So health care providers should take measures to ensure that the patients on inhalers are aware of the proper technique and are following the steps in using inhalers correctly.  


Bronchial asthma, COPD, Metered dose inhalers, Dry powder inhalers

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