Cosmetic uses of activated charcoal

Muhsana Sajjad, Rida Sarwar, Tooba Ali, Laiba Khan, Syed Uzair Mahmood


Within the past few years, activated charcoal is being actively used in cosmetic products. Due to its adsorbing properties, it is being used in all sorts of beauty products from face masks to cleansers and even soaps. In the past, activated charcoal has been used as the treatment of poisoning but now with cosmetic companies claiming charcoal's aptness in treating skin blemishes, it has regained popularity. However, there is little to no clinical evidence to support these claims. In this study, we review the current use of activated charcoal in cosmetic products and its effectiveness. With limited research, its vigorous and unregulated use in over the counter beauty products can turn out to be unsafe. Although its use as an antidote for poisoning is evident, trials to confirm its effectiveness in treating skin conditions like acne, dark spots, dermatitis need to be prioritized to render it safe to be used in cosmetic products.


Activated charcoal, Cosmetics, Face masks, Peel off masks, Skin care

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