Can surgery be the last resort? A non surgical approach to temporo-mandibular joint disorders in children and adolescents: a review

Mylavarapu Krishna Sagar, Priyanka Tiwari, Priyanka Tiwari, Juhi Lohiya, Juhi Lohiya, Christopher Vinay Shinde, Christopher Vinay Shinde, Suyog Jain, Suyog Jain


Temporo-mandibular joint disorder, also known as temporo-mandibular disorder, or simply TMD is a major taxing condition for the children or the adolescent. It not only elicits physical pain and discomfort but also has a very deep psychological impact on the child. But is the surgical treatment any less frustrating and nerve wrecking? The answer is ruefully no. But yes, the entire treatment can be less traumatic to the patient. Here we put forward the various treatment options for TMDs besides surgery.



Temporo mandibular joint, Temporo mandibular disorder, Non-surgical therapy

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