Published: 2021-07-27

Mucormycosis an avoidable complication of COVID-19: a case report

Vanita Kumari, Devanshi Chowdhary, Bikash Ranjan Ray, Poonam Joshi


Mucormycosis is caused by the fungi belonging to the order Mucorales. There has been an increasing trend of rising fungal infection during the second wave of COVID in India, seen among patients recovering from COVID-19. A 37-years-old middle-aged adult, with the diagnosis of left paranasal sinus mucormycosis, left side pneumothorax (intercostal drainage tube in-situ) with COVID pneumonia reported to the emergency department (ED) during the COVID-19 pandemic in our hospital in India. The patient presented in the ED on oxygen support via a non-rebreathing mask at rate of 10 l/min with a history of progressive left eye redness, pain, and tenderness, periorbital swelling, sudden onset, and mild shortness of breath from 8 days. The patient had a history of taking steroids during the management of COVID-19, also had left intercostal drainage tube (ICD) in-situ, and underwent post endoscopic sinus surgery in the private hospital. The patient was clinically examined by multispeciality experts and subjected to laboratory investigations. The patient was diagnosed with left PNS mucormycosis and planned for debridement. The patient developed renal failure secondary to antifungal therapy had sudden deterioration and could not be saved. The mortality rate of mucormycosis is very high due to delayed presentation, toxicity associated with the antifungal therapy, etc. There is a need to identify risk factors, perform specific laboratory tests, and initiation of prompt treatment. Monitoring and competent nursing care are required during antifungal therapy and prolonged hospital stay.


Mucormycosis, COVID-19, Nursing management, COVID complication

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