Aeroallergens sensitization pattern at Taif city: Saudi


  • Moufag Mohammed Saeed Tayeb Department of Medicine, Jeddah University, Jeddah



Aeroallergens, Inhalant allergens, Inhalants, Allergy, House dust mites, Pollen, Cockroach, Mold


Background: Taif city is an agricultural area with high altitude. Sensitization to aeroallergens (AA) in Taif city is not identified.

Methods:This study is a retrospective evaluation of a specific IgE (sIgE) blood results to AA of 149 patients. The study group was chosen from all age groups referred to AL BORG laboratory complaining of allergic diseases with expected sensitization to AA in Taif city, starting from January up to December in the year 2013.

Results: The commonest AA distributions in Taif city were to indoor AA followed by pollens. The indoor AA is dermatophagoides pteronyssinus 26%, dermatophagoides farina 25%, american cockroach 22% and cat epithelia/hair 21% respectively. While, the pollens are dessert palm pollens 18%, timothy grass 18%, rye grass 17%, bermuda grass 15%, ambrosia 15%, acacia 15%.

Conclusions:Indoor followed by pollen AAs are the commonest sensitization pattern at Taif city. This pattern is compatible with worldwide literature except for high percentage of desert palm pollens which is an amazing result that needs a further evaluation.


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