Iatrogenic tooth discoloration by obturating materials: a literature review

Abdulkader Abdulelah Abulhamayel, Mohammed K. Alhudaithi, Bayan H. Alharbi, Ammar R. Busaeed, Hassan E. Alkhalaf, Abdulmaleek S. Abunayan, Mazen H. Alshahrani, Mohammed M. Alkhathami, Mohammed A. Alazaiqi, Fahdah M. Alkahtani, Turki I. Alharthi


Tooth discoloration might constitute a major problem for patients undergoing endodontic procedures, including obturation. Iatrogenic teeth discoloration might be a burden because it is time-consuming and hard to blench even if it were effective in removing the tooth stains in compared with traumatic tooth discoloration which is easy to deal with. Accordingly, clinicians must have a comprehensive understanding of the potential discoloration effects of the current sealers that are indicated for administration in many of the obturation procedures to enhance the prognosis and the relevant outcomes. In the present study, the aim to conduct a literature review about the potential iatrogenic discoloration effects of some endodontic sealers when conducting obturation procedures, based on the current evidence from the relevant studies. Among the reported agents to induce discoloration, calcium hydroxide, zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE), resin, glass ionomer, and silicon-based sealers have been reported to cause significant degrees of discoloration. Moreover, among the included studies AH-26 seems to be the least significant modality to include discoloration;however, discoloration could still be detected. With the recent technological advances, bioceramic sealers should be able to overcome this problem, especially for areas with the highest esthetic concerns. Accordingly, further investigations might be needed to enhance the quality of the current modalities and to obtain better outcomes.


Endodontics, Obturation, Complications, Discoloration, Sealers

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