A study to assess the knowledge regarding rabies prevention among general population of community residing at Pratap Nagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Vandna Pandey, Nancy Kurien, Sangeeta Ghintala, Sharda Saini, Shivani Chauhan, Shweta Sharma, Sonali Sharma, Suman Kachhawaha, Suman Gurjar, Suman Bhatiya


Background: Rabies is a major public health issue. It is 10th biggest cause of death due to infectious disease worldwide and continues to be a burden for India with the country still registering around 18,000 to 20,000 cases of rabies every year. It is the only communicable disease of man that is always fatal. Domestic dogs are most common reservoir of virus, with 99% of human death caused by dog mediated rabies. Rabies is completely curable by early diagnosis and treatment regimen.

Methods: Present study has been carried out among general population of community residing at Pratap Nagar, Jodhpur, and Rajasthan. Quantitative research approach was used to assess the knowledge regarding rabies prevention. Data was collected through self-structured interview schedule. Sixty samples were selected by non -probability convenient sampling technique.

Results: In the study there were 60 subjects, in which male were 28 and female were 32. 7 subjects had excellent knowledge, 34 subjects had good knowledge, 17 subjects had average knowledge and 2 subjects had poor knowledge. No personal variable was found to be in association with level of knowledge at p<0.05 level of significance.

Conclusions: The study indicates that awareness session on rabies prevention should be held regularly to improve the knowledge and create positive attitude and remove the misconception among general population.



Assess, Knowledge, Rabies, Prevention, General population, Community

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