Published: 2021-05-25

Caring for adherence with oral care to prevent oral mucositis in patients that conduct chemotherapy

Ni K. Kardiyudiani


Background: Various attempts in the field of nursing have been made to address the health response due to cancer. Giving chemotherapy causes various side effects. Oral mucositis is one of the side effects of chemotherapy. Adherence in oral care of patients is needed to increase the adequacy of nutritional intake in patients so that various side effects do not occur. The study was to see how careful oral care is to prevent mucositis in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Methods: The method used is a case study with sampling criteria and data collection by in-depth interviews.

Results: The themes found after the theme analysis were 3 themes that influenced the patient in carrying out oral care to prevent oral mucositis, namely: 1) Adherence in oral care to prevent oral mucositis 2) Family compliance in providing support 3) ways to improve care motivation to reduce patient effects.

Conclusions: Nursing intervention is needed to increase patient knowledge, increase family support, and efforts to overcome patient health problems.


Adherence, Oral mucositis, Cancer and chemotherapy

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