Study of lipid profile in β thalassemia major pediatric patients with multiple blood transfusion and its correlation with serum ferritin level in tertiary care hospital in Kolkata

Saikat Nandi, Sanjana Samanta, Tanushree Mondal, Sanjay Halder


Background: β-Thalassemia major is associated with iron overload toxicity. This study was done to investigate lipid profile abnormality in β-Thalassemia major patients and to establish their correlation with serum ferritin. Another motto of this study was to signify deleterious effect of multiple blood transfusion and facilitate to understand how it will affect the lipid profile parameters changes so that we can also prevent early dyslipidemia induced complications like atherogenesis by early detection of lipid profile abnormality and also to establish derangement of lipid profile as an indirect evidence of iron overload.

Methods: 102 nos. β-Thalassemia major paediatric patients with multiple blood transfusion (≥10) in age group of 6 to12 years admitted in pediatric ward of tertiary care hospital (NRSMCH) were enrolled. Serum ferritin level and lipid profile were investigated and their correlation were assessed.

Results: Among 102 β-Thalassemia major pediatric (6 to 12 years) patients 55.88% were male and 66.67% were Hindu by religion and 69.61% children came from lower socio-economic class. The average value of number of previous blood transfusion was 42.79±7.510. The mean value of serum ferritin was 2263.53±833.904 ng/ml. The average value of serum total cholesterol, LDL and HDL were 153.84±5.428 mg/dl and 97.16±3.982 mg/dl and 29.45±4.445 mg/dl respectively and their correlation with serum ferritin were negative (r=-0.941 and r=-0.964 and r=-0.751 respectively). Average value of serum triglyceride and VLDL were 206.22±67.407 mg/dl and 36.16±3.385 mg/dl respectively and their correlation with serum ferritin were positive (r=+0.606 and r=+0.973 respectively).

Conclusions: There was significant lipid profile derangement. As the serum ferritin level increases, serum total cholesterol, HDL, LDL decreases and serum triglyceride, VLDL level increases.


Lipid profile, Multiple transfusion, Thalassemia, Serum ferritin

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