Breast abscess due to Salmonella species: a brief review of epidemiology, clinical manifestations, serological correlation and management

Kinjal P. Patel, Rutuja Darne, Reshma Poojary, Virendra Kinjale


Breast abscess due to Salmonella is an uncommon but well recognized extra-intestinal complication of enteric fever. Salmonella species is commonly identified as a gastrointestinal pathogen causing bacteremia but inappropriately treated cases can led to dissemination in multiple organ systems resulting in localized abscess formation. Case reports have been described in literature about extra-intestinal abscesses by both S. enterica serotype typhi and paratyphi. Whilst recently, there has been an upsurge in the frequency of case reports related to Salmonella breast abscess, reason may be due to emergence of resistant Salmonella strains. Usually uncomplicated abscesses show effective clearance with single course of oral antibiotic agents together with surgery. Reviews have recommended azithromycin as a drug of choice especially in the presence of fluoroquinolones resistance. So, acknowledging prevalence of breast abscess due to salmonella is utmost important.


Breast, Abscess, Salmonella, Clinical features, Serology, Treatment

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