Peribulbar block with intravenous general anaesthesia in community squint camps

Manisha S. Bijlani, Madhavi S. Bijlani, Madhusudhan B. Jhamwar, Milind A. Joshi, Subhash K. Bijlani


Squint is a common problem affecting about 7% of the population, which can be corrected by various methods like refraction, orthoptics or surgery.1 Surgery involves lengthening and shortening of individual muscles or pair of muscles to achieve cosmetically straightened eyes and binocular vision. If not treated for a long time can lead to amblyopia. However, many misconceptions are prevalent in the general public regarding the treatment modalities. Lack of awareness, surgical facilities, expertise and cost of treatment leaves these patients unattended


Peribulbar block, Intravenous general anaesthesia, Squint camps

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