Mock meat and its role in health: a review

Vinod A. N., Lahal M. A.


Meat doesn’t have to come from animals. The definition of meat is shifting radically from being a product of animal origin with limited choices to innovative creation with similar composition and structure like meat. Mock meat is in news for many reasons in corporate or industrial meets and research communities. These plant-based meat substitutes intended to reduce the environmental impact caused by farm animals and the potential to unravel one of the stickiest crises in the climate fight. This research was conceived as a scoping literature review and a novel attempt as a full-fledged review article on mock meat on the basis of recent proofs provided by review and research articles from various genuine sources including electronic media, newsletters, and experts in food industries. The present article touches upon the health benefits of vegan meat as well as different health problems emerge from a large-scale replacement of natural animal meat by fake one also discussed here. The next few years will be crucial to how traditional meat products and meat analogs will coexist in the consumer market. These articles when compiled together point at the same fact that there is a lot of potential may be a game changer in the field of food industries, corporates and scientific communities.


Gluten free, Meat analogue, Mycoprotein, Soyfood

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