Published: 2021-04-27

Perception, practices and preparedness of the adult population in response to SARS CoV-2 pandemic in India

Arpita Jain, Manju Toppo, Devendra Gour, Shipra Verma


Background: COVID-19 infection is a highly contagious disease and has affected a large population. As COVID-19 is a new disease and is having the most devastating effects globally, its emergence and spread, causes confusion, anxiety and fear among the general public. Objectives of the study were to know the preparedness measures adopted by the community by large in the beginning of epidemic of COVID-19 and to find out the perceptions and behavioral change of the community regarding COVID-19.

Method: A cross sectional survey was conducted amongst the residents of India from 11th April 20 to 30th May 20. It was an online study. An online semi-structured questionnaire having both open and close ended   questions was developed by using Google forms, with a consent form appended to it. Data was collected in Google form and was reentered in MS excel and analyzed using EPIINFO.

Results: Out of 301 study participants majority i.e., 162 (53.8%) of them were male. Majority of the participants were in the age group of 21-30. Occupation status of the respondents revealed that doctor accounted for 125 (41.5%). Only, 24 (8%) had chronic illness. Awareness regarding COVID-19 was 297 (98.7%).

Conclusions: Perceptions have a great role in behavioral change.


COVID-19, Novel corona virus, Pandemic, Hand wash, Mask, Social distancing

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