Perceived stressors and outcomes among professionals working from home during COVID-19 pandemic in India

Shikha Gulia, Smriti Arora


Background: Aim of the study was to assess stressors and positive outcomes among professionals working from home during COVID-19 pandemic in India. Novel Corona virus disease (COVID-19) originated from China has rapidly spread in the world across borders, infecting millions of people throughout the whole world. As this novel corona virus is highly contagious and has enforced countries for complete shutdown, anxiety and concerns in society are globally affecting every individual to variable extents. Due to this lockdown, most of the professions have very first time in world and specially in India opted for working from home.

Methods: This is quantitative approach study, cross-sectional study. Convenient and snowball sampling technique used to select subject via google form technique. 284 professionals enrolled in study from various professions and the google form was sent through mail, WhatsApp and text messages. The data is analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Results: The results of the study shown that majority of the professionals have experienced stress related to their job, social stress along with the physical stressors and have also developed some new life skills and utilized this time to plan about new ideas and goals.

Conclusions: There is an intense need to keep a check on mental health during work from home to relieve stress and anxiety posed by COVID-19 pandemic.


Perceived stressors, Positive outcomes, Professionals, COVID-19 pandemic

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