Effectiveness of educational intervention regarding foot care on knowledge among diabetes mellitus patients at selected health centers

Anjali Pandey, Rohitash Kumar, S. K. Singh


Background: Diabetes is one of the four major types of non-communicable diseases. It is considered as global epidemic. One of the most common, costly and severe complications of diabetes is diabetic foot. Aim of the present study was to assess the effectiveness of educational intervention regarding foot care on knowledge among diabetes mellitus patients at selected health centers.

Methods: In this study the research approach was quasi experimental one group pre-test post-test design was applied. Total 80 samples selected by non-probability convenient sampling technique. The educational Intervention was introduced to the group after the pretest. Knowledge was assessed by semi structured questionnaire.

Results: The result revealed that the mean pretest knowledge score regarding foot care was 5.21 which after post-test increased to 9.65. The standard deviation in pre-test 2.34 which after post- test increase 3.14. The obtained “t” value 4.765 was statistically highly significance p<0.05. The null hypothesis H0 is rejected and research hypothesis is accepted. There was significant association found with educational, status, income, knowledge about diabetic foot, and source of information

Conclusions: The study concluded that, the educational intervention administered by the researcher was effective to increase the knowledge regarding foot care among diabetes mellitus patients.


Effectiveness, Educational intervention, Knowledge, Foot care, Diabetes mellitus

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