Health profile of workers in an industrial area of Thrissur district: a cross-sectional study

Ruth Abraham, Ruth Abraham, Sajna Mathumkunnath Vijayan


Background: Rapid unplanned industrialization is creating serious problems for the human environment. Worse and directly affected in this process are the industrial workers. The purpose of the study is to assess the health profile of workers in an Industrial area of Thrissur district and to compare the morbidity profile of industrial workers from native Kerala and migrants.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in the industrial area of Thrissur district for a period of six months. Cluster sampling was done. Among the total industries in the industrial area of Thrissur, one industry was selected using the lottery method. All the workers in that industry were included in the study. After establishing a rapport, data was collected using a semi-structured interview schedule from the participant using questionnaires.

Results: Among 246 workers interviewed, 79.3% were males. 43.9% of participants were from Kerala, 37.4% Orissa, 10.4% Bihar and the rest from other states of India. 30.9% of participants were obese, 17.9% overweight and 8.5% underweight. Other morbidities were refractory error (46.7%) and hypertension (30.5%). Overweight and obesity were significantly more among workers from native Kerala compared to migrants (p=0.001). History of injuries was reported by 10.6% of workers.

Conclusions: The high proportion of obesity and hypertension detected among workers was alarming. Interventions at various levels (host, vector, and environment) are likely to produce a lasting impact on industrial worker's health.


Industrial worker, Migrant, Health profile

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