Study of geographical distribution of number of cases of COVID-19 in different areas of Maharashtra

T. Mohanty, P. P. Doke, K. H. Patil


Background: Geographical differences in number of COVID-19 cases and death are affected by population density, age, gender distribution and mitigation measures like social distancing etc. The aim of this study was to determine the geographical distribution of number of cases of covid-19 in different areas of Maharashtra. The investigator wants to know, which area, which age group and which gender has been affected the most by COVID-19 along with the effect of lockdown.

Methods: Area and population of all the COVID-19 affected area was collected and area wise number of cases till 31st May 2020 was considered. Association between number of COVID-19 cases and population of areas was calculated and gender-wise and age-wise case distribution was also calculated.

Results: Cases are more in urban areas mainly in corporation (Chi square=114441; p<0.0001). Age group 31-40 years’ is most affected (11.5 per 100,000 population affected). Young adults as well males were affected most and even though population of children is quite big, they remained less affected (chi square=22117).

Conclusions: This COVID-19 is a disease of urban area primarily affecting corporation areas. High population density and overcrowding are mainly responsible for initial phase of this disease only in corporation area. Strict lockdown and other social measures decreased both transmission and mortality rate.


COVID-19, Population distribution, Pandemic, Lockdown

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