Decoding India’s national oral health program-an appraisal of the barriers to quality dental care

Renu Rawat, Gunjan S. Aswal, Dhara Dwivedi, Vishwanath Gurumurthy, Soumya Vishwanath


Oral health is a poorly assessed and treated aspect of the health among Indians. The government continues to poorly fund oral health programs even though evidence of mounting incidence of poor oral health among Indians lingers on. Regardless of the profoundly anticipated national oral health program, oral health burden stays gazing at the nation.  It could be a direct result of a fragmented policy with varying priorities regarding the possible solutions to oral health problems. Its implementation faces numerous hindrances which should be defeated for successful utilization. Thus, it is fundamental for the government of India, the policymakers, the stakeholders, and dental bodies to conquer every single barrier and define a compelling national oral health policy backed by current scientific evidence. It would guarantee oral health care to all particularly the populace from the oppressed section of the society. This paper is an endeavour to unite all the components identified with the national oral health program. Additionally, give suggestions for its viable usage.


National oral health program, Quality dental care, Barriers, Implementation

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