The influence of professional pharmacist services on pharmacy service quality of pharmacies in Kupang city, East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia

Krista Yunita Salem, Muntasir ., Jacob M. Ratu, Frans Salesman, Andrieas Umbu Roga


Background: Changes in the orientation of pharmaceutical services from drug management to comprehensive patient care, demands optimization of the role of pharmacists in the Kupang City Pharmacy. This study aims to analyze the effect of professional pharmacist services on the quality of pharmacy services in the city of Kupang.

Methods: The research design used was cross sectional. The population of this study were all patients who received services at private pharmacies in Kupang City. The population was divided into 2 clusters with 3-5 and 6-10 patients per day. The sample consisted of a sample of pharmacies and patients who brought prescriptions for each cluster. Retrieval of data by distributing questionnaires. Data analysis was performed by univariate, bivariate and mutivariate.

Results: Univariate analysis showed a difference in the frequency of the variables for each cluster. Cluster visits 6-10 patients per day, the value of the variable was higher than the cluster visits 3-5 patients per day. Bivariate analysis showed that there was a relationship between the knowledge, attitudes, skills, presence and responsibility of pharmacists and the quality of pharmaceutical services, with a significance of each p=1.000; 0.133; 0.003; 0.003; 0.000. However, simultaneously it does not have a significant effect because it has sig>0.05.

Conclusions: There is an influence of pharmacist services in the aspects of knowledge, attitude, skills, presence and responsibility on the quality of pharmaceutical services at pharmacies in Kupang city, but it does not affect it simultaneously.


Kupang City, Pharmacist, Pharmacy

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