Knowledge, attitude and practice of nutritional counselling for tuberculosis patients amongst doctors practising in a tertiary care teaching hospital

Sujeet A. Divhare, Sunita Girish, Satyashil A. Ingle


Background: Knowing the knowledge of resident doctors in a tertiary care teaching hospital along with their attitude regarding counselling the tuberculosis patients and their way of  implementing their knowledge in their practices while treating the tuberculosis patients will not only lead to a healthy base for the core of the society but also keep the flow of knowledge regarding nutrition from doctors to tuberculosis patients and their relatives so as the peripheral aspect of the society too will get strengthen.

Methods: A well-structured questionnaire was distributed among 147 resident doctors working in a tertiary care teaching hospital.

Results: Overall it was found that there is slight and significant increase in the knowledge aspect among third year resident doctors. While in practices, first and second year resident doctors were contributing more than third year doctors.

Conclusions: Overall all the resident doctors were knowing the importance of having adequate and balanced diet in the management of tuberculosis and also were aware about its role in prevention of tuberculosis.


Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Tuberculosis, Nutrition

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