Comparison of depression among medical and dental students of Qassim University 2019

Anas Saleh Alsumaani, K. Chandra Sekhar


Background: Prevalence of depression enormously increasing throughout the world including developing and developed world. Especially in case of medical and dental students, after completion of schooling, will enter into University level and there will be different exposure, syllabus load and scientific terminology and adjustment to the surroundings leads to become depressive nature. Objective was to estimate the prevalence of depression, demographic variables and risk factors association with depression among medical and dental students of Qassim university.

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted March 2019 to June 2020 among the medical and dental students of Qassim University. A total of 235 sample collected through Google forms due to COVID-19 pandemic situation. Data entered in Statistical package for social sciences, 21.0 version and necessary statistical tests were applied.

Results: In the present study about 235 study participants, of which 174 medical and 61 dental students participated. Among the 174 medical students, about 62.1% were males and among the 61 dental students, about 39.3% were males. Prevalence of depression among medical students and dental students was 82.90% and 86.90% respectively. Socioeconomic status was significantly associated with depression in both the groups’ medical and dental students.

Conclusions: High prevalence of depression was noticed in medical and dental students. Need to strengthen the supportive health programs to the medical and dental students to be arranged and will indirectly reduce the stress among the students.


Age, Dental students, Depression, Medical students, PHQ-9, Risk factors, SES

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