Assessment of colour vision deficiency in medical students


  • Jigna Ratilal Patel Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • Harish Trivedi Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • Arpita Patel Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • Sandip Patil Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • Jignesh Jethva Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat



Colour vision deficiency, Medical students, Ishihara plates, Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue test


Background: Colour is often using as an important sign in medical practice. Colour vision deficiency Present in 4.5% population. Prevalence of CVD in Caucasians is 8% for male and 0.4% for female. Ishihara plates not contain design for tritan defect and mild CVD. Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue test detect all patterns and severity of CVD. Objectives: This study was done to find out incidence, determine patterns and severity of CVD and compare results of Ishihara plates and FM 100 hue test in medical students.

Methods:A cross sectional, comparative study was done in 500 medical students; were examined for CVD by Ishihara plates and FM100 hue test. Study data was entered and tabulated; frequency and Fischer’s test used for data analysis by Graphpad Instat trial version.

Results: Ishihara plate shows 1.80% have CVD, 1.60% male and 0.20% female students; among them 7 have severe and 2 have total CVD. FM 100 Hue test shows 15% have CVD, 11.80% male and 3.20% female students; among them 66 have mild, 2 have moderate and 7 have severe CVD. The patterns of CVD 0.40% have protan, 1.40% have deutan and 13.20% nonspecific deficiency by FM 100 Hue test.

Conclusions:The prevalence of CVD is more in male students by both tests. Results of tests compared by using Fisher’s exact test were statistically significant. Mild CVD and all patterns of CVD are not detected by Ishihara plates. So, we recommend FM 100 Hue test for severity and pattern of CVD.


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