Socio-demographic and morbidity pattern of geriatric population in rural area of Puducherry: a community based cross sectional study

Gnanamani Gnanasabai, Mohan Kumar, Chithra Boovaragasamy, Mujibur Rahman


Background: Ageing leads to lower effectiveness of physiological functions accompanied by increase in risk factors for various diseases and on the other hand, the burden of their health problems in on rise. Understanding the morbidity pattern and social determinants of the elderly pave a way to plan and supplement health programs that are need based and locally acceptable. Objective was to assess the socio-demographic determinants and the morbidity pattern among geriatric population of rural Puducherry.

Methods: A community based cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted among the geriatric population residing in selected areas of rural Puducherry. Interviews using semi-structured pretested proforma were conducted for capturing information on socio-demographic variables and morbidity patterns.

Results: Around 71.69% receive social assistance in any form. The most common morbidities present among the study participants were arthritis (31.35%), hypertension (22.66%) and diabetes mellitus (16.59%).

Conclusions: There are considerable health problems due to old age among elderly, so regular screening required early in life for ensuring healthy ageing.


Ageing, Elderly, Geriatric care, Morbidity

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