Health concerns during lockdown: an observational study among adults of West Bengal

Sumit Dey, Indira Dey


The government of India enforced a strict lockdown on 24th of March 2020 to flatten the curve of COVID-19 pandemic. People feared this disease and their daily routine was greatly hampered. Social media and online activities became the life line. This is expected to bring changes in the physical and mental health of the citizens. A descriptive, observational, cross-sectional study was carried out on the last week of May 2020, after two months of lockdown. Data was collected using a predesigned, pretested google form which included personal details, symptoms experienced during lockdown and measures taken to reduce the problems. 234 participants submitted their response. Majority of the participants were living with their family during lockdown and 80% were studying or working from home. Sleep disorders, problems with appetite and eye problems were found among majority of the participants. About 65% were threatened with the thought of COVID infection and almost half of the participants were anxious about their career. There is need for monitoring and counselling of those affected with physical and psychological problems, especially the students, so that they can cope up with their regular activities, personal and professional life.


COVID-19, Public health emergency, Lockdown, Psychological stress

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