Study of biosocial problems amongst adolescent girls of Rajapur area of Kalaburagi district of Karnataka, India


  • Amrutha Swati Indupalli Department of Community Medicine, Khaja Banda Nawaz Institute of Medical Sciences (KBNIMS), Kalburgi, Karnataka
  • Purushottam A. Giri Department of Community Medicine, JIIU’s Indian Institute of Medical Science & Research Medical College, Badnapur, Jalna, Maharashtra



Adolescent girls, Health problems, School dropout, Behavioral problems


Background: Adolescent girls are not only the future citizens but also the mother of the future nation. In this age group they have to go undergo a complex process of emotional, physical and social changes. In physical sector the menstrual problems are predominant and in psychological part the behavioral problems, negligence from the parents end, early marriage and high school drop out rate are important.The objective of the study was to study the biosocial problems amongst adolescent girls of Rajapur area of Kalaburagi district of Karnataka.

Methods:A community based cross-sectional study was carried out amongst 238 adolescent girls aged 15 -19 years in an urban community of Kalaburgi from April 2009 to March 2010. This age group is considered as it corresponds with late adolescents as per WHO.    

Results: Out of 238 adolescent girls, 31.5% were married, 41.18% went to school and remaining were cases of school dropouts. 9.24% were neglected major reason for negligence of girl child was  girls were not being the future earning member, in 10 (4.20%) cases only among all the girls examined. 30.18% had menstrual problems most common was dysmenorrhoea (27.73%). 36.97% were free from behavioral problems. Depression that tops the list (63.02%) followed by shyness (57.14%). It was a good sign to note that addiction and suicidal tendency were at lower score (2.1% and 1.26%) respectively.

Conclusions:In our study, we observed that root cause of behavioral morbidity was not exactly known, so we recommend that to find out the root cause, a proper psychological counselling should be done by setting up counselling centers and find out the prevalence of psychiatric problems amongst girls. With the help of these centers the increased school dropout rate can also be checked.


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