Assessment of communication skills of interns in urban health centre


  • Jeevithan S. Department of Community Medicine, Annapoorana Medical College & Hospital, Salem, Tamil Nadu
  • Dhanasekar G. Department of Community Medicine, Annapoorana Medical College & Hospital, Salem, Tamil Nadu



Communication, Skill, Interns, Health education


Background: Communication skills for healthcare professionals are very important and there are no proper methods to formally assess the communication skills in doctors.

Methods:A cross sectional study was designed to assess the communication skills of Interns. The Interns were observed while communicating with the patients with a pretested proforma and the results were noted.

Results: Overall, all the Interns were poor in communicating with patients. Female Interns were better at group health education presentation (3.024 Vs 2.518). Interns who were in their early months of postings communicated better with patients compared to the Interns who completed more postings.

Conclusions:A formal assessment method must be devised to assess the communication skills of doctors/medical students for better delivery of healthcare.


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