Public health implications of the novel corona virus disease and guidance for dental health care professionals

Ramya R. Iyer


The novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) is a pandemic and has been declared as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. There is a need for consolidation of global guidelines to prevent and reduce the transmission of this disease at individual, community, national and international level. Health care workers on one hand shoulder the responsibility of mitigation and on the other hand are themselves vulnerable, given the possibility of improper case detection and unascertained modes of transmission of this not well- known viral strain. This review provides a synthesis of facts, news and information on published and unpublished forums about COVID-19 and also throws light upon the various standards and protocols for prevention and management of patients through public health action, meticulous precautions recommended in clinical and community settings, as applicable to dental and other health care professionals.


Dentists, Coronavirus, Guidelines, Public health

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