Assessment and association of various factors affecting pulmonary function of workers of a factory

Shreyans D. Singhvi, Preksha T. Singh, Rafe M. Khan


Background: Occupational health diseases are becoming vividly active in the present scenario of the generation. Because of the active industrialization of the world, in the last century various industries are growing each and every day in various fields in multiple countries. Textile industries alone are one of the most common industry and a source of occupation for more than 20 million workers in India itself. Therefore, it is very important to ensure proper preventive and medical strategies for the industrial workers.

Methods: A cross sectional study of 240 workers in a textile industry, was performed. For the study, a well structural questionnaire and peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) examination was used. Several factors were considered for the abnormality of the PEFR and considerable associations were questioned. The statistical analysis is made by chi-square test and p-values.

Results: There are positive association found with abnormal PEFR found and multiple factors including age of the workers, duration of exposure and type of exposure.

Conclusions: The industrial workers are very prone to develop pulmonary occupational diseases; therefore, it is very important to make preventive measures for its associative factors causing it.


Function, Pulmonary, Textile, Workers

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