Published: 2020-05-27

Assessment of the health needs of elderly residing in selected villages of district Sirmour

Sameeksha ., Jasneet Kaur, Simarjot Kaur


Background: Ageing is a universal phenomenon experienced by every human being across various cultures. Ageing varies with time scale. Some people appear much older than their chronological age, whereas many old people act and look much younger than actual age. Study objective was to assess the health needs of elderly residing in selected villages of district Sirmour.

Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional design was used. 163 elderly were selected by non-probability convenient sampling technique and data was collected by using socio demographic sheet and checklist based on Omaha problem classification scheme through interview, in vivo bio physiologic and observation method.

Results: 62.2% of the elderly were in the age group of 60-70 years and half of the elderly were males i.e., 50.9%. 35.6% were private employees where as 18.4% were home makers and 26.4% were farmers. 68.7% of the elderly responded that they had medical history 66.9% of the elderly had more than 5 family members. 45.4% of the elderly responded that their annual income is between 2.5-5 lakh. 124 insufficiencies were found in the environmental domain, 262 needs were identified related to the psychosocial domain, 929 needs were related to physiological domain and 442 needs were due to poor health related behavior.

Conclusions: Results of the study revealed that most of the elderly had health needs. So this study concludes that there is need to take actions for the health promotion and prevention of diseases in the elderly.


Assessment, Elderly, Health needs

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